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5/1 @ $50/month

  • 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload - Unlimited, no maximum caps!
  • Additional bandwidth is $10 per additional Mbps - download or upload (ex. 6/1 Mbps=$60, 5/2 Mbps=$60), available only in select areas (please call to determine availability)
  • Equipment warrantied for 1 year from date of installation
  • Equipment Protection Plan available after 1 year warranty runs out ($5/month, must be requested, this service is not automatic)
  • Billing is by automatic draft set up by to the credit/debit card of your choice (must be backed by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

Package 1

$199.95 Due before install

  • No Contract
  • Standard CPE Radio
  • $50/month
  • You supply your own router

Package 2

$249.95 Due before install

  • No Contract
  • Standard CPE Radio
  • $50/month
  • Standard Wireless Router
Standard Wireless Router covers up to 1800 ft²

Package 3

$274.95 Due before install

  • No Contract
  • Standard CPE Radio
  • $50/month
  • Hi-Power Wireless Router
Hi-Power Wireless Router covers up to 3000 ft²

Extra Hardware

At we like choice. We also demand quality. We have used this as a guideline when choosing the hardware we sell. The wireless routers shown below are all made by the same manufacturer that makes our roof top and back haul radio equipment and provide excellent value for the money. The differences between them are the number of wired ports provided (for plugging in printers, desktops, etc.),remote management and range. The Air Gateway family has one wired port and limited remote management capabilities (does not show up in our network management console) The Air Router family has 4 wired ports and full remote managment, it actually sends us an alarm if it goes off line.


Air Gateway (AGW)

Range, one room

Limited remote management/1 wired port


Air Gateway LR

Range comparable to Air Router

Limited remote management/1 wired port


Air Router (PDF)

Covers up to 1800 ft²

Full remote management/4 wired ports (included with package 2)


Air Router HP (PDF)

Covers up to 3000 ft²

Full remote management/4 wired ports (included with package 3)

Terms and Conditions

  • General: All equipment must be plugged into a surge suppressor if we are to honor our warranty.
  • Acceptable Use Policy: Use of the service for any activity that violates US or AZ law is grounds for disconnection.
  • Payment: Payment for monthly line fee is via direct credit card collection. If we are unable to collect your monthly fee for any reason (expired card, insufficent funds, etc.) then we will make two attempts to notify you of the problem. If we do not hear from you by the 5th of the month then we will suspend service immediately. To resume service the current month must be paid in full in addition to a $15 reconnect fee.
  • For your security we do not hold credit card numbers, they are stored at our secured billing service only
  • While does not have contracts, we do require 30 days notice to terminate service.

Our standard installation fee includes the following;

  • Mounting the antenna
  • Exterior wiring
  • One exterior wall penetration to bring the wiring inside
  • Installation of a POE injector that serves as your wired connection point to the system
  • Aligning and tuning the system

Any additional wiring (interior wall plates, multiple distribution drops, etc.) is quotable at our standard installation rate of $25/hr

We do not do attic wiring but will supply the correct cable if you wish to do it yourself

If our normal $199.95 install fee is a problem we may be able to help, please call and ask about our time payment plan.

AZ ROC License #300683 CR-67 ⋅ Bonded & Insured

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